What to Pack for a City Break – Plus a Giveaway!

The summer isn’t over yet! There is still time left to explore a new city.

My boyfriend and I just did this, and decided on LA – we hit up a Dodgers game, the Beyonce Jay-Z concert, Abbott Kinney and stayed on Venice Beach. You can check out the KS Instagram for the highlights. 

Check for flight deals on Hipmunk (this is what I love to use) heading to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Montreal – any of the above. Then plan your stops at restaurants you will love, concerts to take in or simply stroll the city and see what comes your way.

Not sure what to pack? Don’t worry, I have you covered. You can win a Personal Styling Package, with me! I’ve partnered up with Vitamin Daily, you can enter here: http://bit.ly/styling-win-VIP

Back to the outfits! For the ladies, this look is perfect for heading out on dinner dates and strolling in the city. Simply switch to flats for longer walks. All of the details are right here:


For the gentleman, impress your lady with this look. Simple, versatile and stylish.


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