Welcome to KurateStyle

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Welcome to KurateStyle! 

I am Jessica Karalash, the founder and editor of KurateStyle – your online personal stylist.

KurateStyle is a destination for you to find your unique personal style and create a look that fits your lifestyle, and that you love. It is a personal styling platform for both men and women, with outfits and inspirations gathered from the best fashion online – runways, street style, celebrities and real life.

I started KurateStyle from a desire to help people feel empowered and be the best version of themselves, and out of my love of fashion and technology. As a young girl growing up on the prairies, I used to draw dresses and mountains, ocean, castles and beaches. I had a vivid imagination! Now I live in Vancouver, surrounded by mountains and ocean and have a fashion-tech company – it’s truly all a dream come true.

I have  always loved fashion and helping friends choose outfits – and seeing them light up from a new sense of confidence. Being a fashion stylist for the past number of years, I gathered many skill sets – eyewear fit specialist, photoshoot stylist, fashion blogger. You can find out more about me here, or feel free to contact me to ask me any questions.

I want you to feel that renewed sense confidence and find a personal style that suits your lifestyle and personality. Whatever stage of life you are in – whether you have a new job or are looking for your soul mate, or becoming parents, your wardrobe can really change how you feel about your life – it is truly life-changing. Just as your life evolves, so does your style. I’m here to create that style transformation.

On KurateStyle, I will be sharing my favourite fashion trends, tips and advice with you through the blog, videos and newsletter.

When you are ready for your style transformation, you can sign up for a personal style package, where I will personally transform your style.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Your in style,


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