Melissa M.

Before working with Jessica I thought I knew what I was doing, but I was stuck in a style rut. I struggled to look more put-together than I did in college without going over the deep-end and looking too mature and too old. There were other things I couldn’t quite get right, either, like dressing well for work or feeling feminine for dates. I never quite looked how I wanted to, or felt how I wanted to feel in my wardrobe.

With Jessica’s help and clear direction, I now have a modern style that I love and have made my own. While initially some of the ideas had me stepping outside of my comfort zone, trying new styles and putting the effort into how I presented myself turned out to play a critical role in the success of both my work and personal life. Since working on my wardrobe, I now feel prepared for just about any occasion or opportunity that comes my way. I know I have many choices in my wardrobe, and whatever look I choose I feel confident, stylish, feminine, and powerful wearing it.

At work, I have received many compliments about how my style has evolved. One of my clients has gone out of her way to compliment me on my outfits the last three times I have seen her. That is huge in my field – and critical to my future success.

My dating life has also really benefitted from the fact that I look and feel sexier, and I even have had to learn how to tactfully turn men down. Renewing my style has been a love-life game changer.

I would highly recommend KurateStyle to anyone who is looking to uplevel their success in any part of life.

Melissa M. / Washington, D.C.
Kimeshan N.

My Personal Style Package has given me confidence in what look I can pull off and what type of clothes I should be buying. These are important because my personal style is something I’ve been wanting to figure out for a long time but never got to it. Finally, I can buy clothes that I feel confident in and suit my lifestyle. I’m implementing everything from the personal style package and it’s really exciting!

Jessica provided me with a very targeted and custom personal style package. I have a very unique lifestyle working offshore and travelling. The outfits that Jessica curated and the wardrobe she designed, suited all of my needs. She also provided links to the exact clothing items, so I could buy them directly online, without having to search for similar items.

If you’re looking for a personal stylist without spending thousands of dollars to hire one, then Kuratestyle is the perfect answer and a far better option. I’m glad I found it, and I have recommended it to all my friends. l will definitely use it again!

Kimeshan N. / Dubai, United Kingdom, South Africa
Maia L.

My KurateStyle personal style package was a lovely experience, and has been so valuable.

I now have a wearable wardrobe that I love, and that I’m confident building on. I have also learned why some things, although I love them, end up remaining in my closet. My wardrobe is much more efficient, I’m being much more adventurous with colour, and I’m much more aware of what suits my body type and what to buy to build on my personal style.

Jessica’s advice and style package made me feel fabulous, and has given me a boost confidence that will last indefinitely. I’m now having fun with my clothing, not to mention her advice has made me feel fabulous when meeting handsome new men. If you are looking to feel amazing and truly find your personal style, I highly recommend KurateStyle.

To have a style portfolio package that was created just for me – made me feel like Royalty.

Maia L. / Vancouver, BC
Brian P.

As a husband, father of two, and an engineer at Microsoft, I’ve got a lot of things on my mind… and to be honest, fashion isn’t usually near the top. About a year ago, I bought my first “nice pair” of jeans and I realized how much better I feel when I enjoy the clothes I’m wearing.

A key part of enjoying my clothes is having them fit, and look good on me. However I didn’t really know where to start. I needed some style guidance that would give me versatility: I needed clothes that that I could wear to a nice restaurant, but also wear to my casual workplace without looking like I was headed to a job interview.

Jessica was able to help me refine the look I was aiming for (which ended up being something close to “startup entrepreneur”). I got tons of ideas from the style package, and I’ve purchased at least five items already. I’ve learned to trust the experts in their field, and fashion is no exception.

Before you go drop a bunch of cash on new clothes, I highly recommend you get a personal style report from KurateStyle. I would have never bought the items I did without guidance from Jessica.

Brian P. / Seattle, Washington
Nick M.

KurateStyle was the best online fashion advice I’ve invested in.

Before the style package, I was afraid to change the “norm” in my everyday style, but I knew I needed to update my style. I knew I was in good hands with Jessica as soon as we started. The questionnaire was very well detailed and the style package had a step-by-step process to create a personal style that was perfect for me. It was such a fun process! I received amazing looks with links to purchase all of the items.

If you want a fashion upgrade, or feel fashionably challenged – I highly recommend Jessica and KurateStyle.

Nick M. / Chicago, Illinois





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