What is KurateStyle?

KurateStyle is a fashion destination, curated for you. It is founded and curated by Jessica Karalash, a fashion stylist and technology entrepreneur, whose passion is helping others create their best lives.

If you have always wanted to find your personal style, or you simply want to upgrade your wardrobe and look, you have come to the right place. Jessica curates the best fashion trends from the runways of fashion week, street style trends and celebrities, and creates real outfits work for your lifestyle.

With KurateStyle, you will have a new sense of confidence from knowing what to wear and having a personal style that suits your fashion goals, budget, personality and lifestyle. Sign up for free Style Tips or purchase your very own Personal Style Package, and create a life and look that you love.

How does KurateStyle work?

KurateStyle offers Style Packages for Men and Women. The KurateStyle Personal Style Package process is very simple, and you can contact Jessica via email any time throughout the process with any questions.

  1. Sign up for an Account and Purchase a Personal Style Report – Simply sign up for an account on the website using the Facebook login, or manually with your email and password. Jessica will contact you immediately on the next steps.
  2. Fill out the Style Questionnaire – Your Style Questionnaire will appear in your account when you purchase a Personal Style Report. If you choose, you can also have a 30 minute Skype or phone session with Jessica to go over all of your style goals, dreams and fears.
  3. Receive your Personal Style Report within one week of completing your Style Questionnaire – Your Personal Style Report will be in your KurateStyle account one week following your Questionnaire and Skype session.You will receive an email notifying you that it is complete and in your account as well.
What is included in my Personal Style Report?

Your Personal Style Report is an extensive and detailed package, curated for your lifestyle, budget and style goals. Jessica creates each Personal Style Report with extensive research, care and detail.

Your Personal Style Report includes (but is not limited to):

  • Online, Extensive, customized Booklet
  • Celebrity Style Match – the best celebrities that match your body type and style profile, so you know who to watch
  • How to Build Your Wardrobe – Complete checklist on how to build and organize your wardrobe
  • How to Build the Perfect Outfit, Everytime – Jessica walks you through the process of always choosing the perfect outfit – no matter what the occasion or mood you are in
  • Body Shape Analysis – Complete analysis of your unique shape, how to best dress for you body type and the do’s and don’ts
  • Color Palette Analysis – Color palettes that compliment your skin tone and hair best
  • Measurements Guide – Complete guide on how to take your measurements and order the correct size for your body
  • Style & Trend Report – outfits that match your body type, budget and that work for your lifestyle
  • Your Personal LookBook – several outfits and item pairings customized to you
  • Get the Look – each item and outfit can be purchased online through our Partner Stores
  • Tips & Tricks – from Style experts
  • Monthly Trend Reports – to keep you current in fashion and trends
  • Exclusive Members Only emails where we share special style tips, advice, featured members
  • 30 minute Skype or Phone call with Founder & Editor Jessica Karalash
Is KurateStyle for Men and Women?

Yes, Jessica curates Personal Style Packages for both men and women, and both are equally as important. Personal Style Packages can also be purchased as gifts for significant others (which happens a lot).

Does KurateStyle ship products?

No. The products that are included in the Personal Style Packages are extensive, customized for you and are well-researched. Each product can be purchased online through our partner stores. You simply click on the link of the product, and it will take you straight to the website to purchase the item. Your Personal Style Report will contain many products from different online partner stores. There will be some stores with more than one product included, but the brands and stores are quite extensive to create the best package for you.

What products and brands does KurateStyle recommend?

Each Personal Style Report is unique and completely different, therefore the products recommended to you will be very different. The brands and items are chosen based on budget, personal style and other important factors. From the World’s Top Fashion Blogs to Vogue, Instyle and GQ, Jessica scours the web and magazines for outfits and trends right for you – and customize products that are perfect for you and the personal style you are building.

Some of our past partners and brands include (but are not limited to): Mr. Porter, Net-a-porter, Zara, Topshop, Topman, Asos, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Club Monaco, Rag & Bone, Bauble Bar,  Revolve, J. Crew, Frank & Oak, Indochino, Club Monaco, Shopbop, H&M, Shopstyle, Free People, Banana Republic, Acne, Balmain, Valetino, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Prada and many, many more.

How do I know which sizes to buy from the products in my Personal Style Report?

Each partner website has different sizing. You will be able to find a size guide on each partner website. Using the size guide on the particular site you are on, and the Measurements Guide from your Personal Style Report, you will find the correct size to order. If you have questions, you can ask Jessica.

Who curates my Personal Style Report?

Jessica personally curates each Personal Style Report. She only includes products and information that is personally for you and takes great care and time with each client.

Does Jessica offer services in-person?

Yes. Jessica does meet with clients in-person and will travel to do so. You can email jessica@kurate.jessicakaralash.com for rates and details for the service you are looking for. This can range from a Wardrobe detox and organization, Personal Shopping, Event Styling, Photoshoot styling and much, much more.